OCM deals with design, development and industrialization of the product, using components numerical simulations of structural behavior and manufacturing process. This activity also includes the construction of prototypes, to carry out comprehensive functional testing, validating product performance, and possibly developing new features, not initially planned in the customer’s specification.



We design special machines and production equipment, in order to ensure reliability, long service life, low maintenance. We favor a flexible architecture and modular devices, such as to allow future changes and amendments. All the equipment complies with the European regulations on safety, and is provided with technical documentation and manuals.



The availability of cutting edge machine tools and measuring and testing instruments ensures the finalization of projects, thanks to a strong integration between the various phases of industrialization of the product, without the need of outsourcing these tasks to different parties. We construct the designed equipment and prototype products.



OCM also takes care of the installation, testing and implementation of the equipment at the customer’s premises. We also handle the training of the staff responsible for machines.